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Rockstar's Teddy Bear

Rockstar's Teddy Bear

April Melody

Update: 2020-08-08

Chapter 1 Her Dream King

  • Anupama’s POV
  • I took all the chocolates, sat on the bed, and munched my favorite Galaxy Smooth Milk chocolate. Automatically, my eyes closed devouring the taste and moaned feeling elated. The best thing in the world was my favorite chocolate melting on my tongue.
  • ‘Not only chocolate but all my favorite food in the world.’
  • I opened my eyes hearing the door creaked sound to get the live feast. An involuntary smile played on my lips looking at my Dream King.
  • ‘Oh my biriyani, he was looking damn hot!’
  • His dazzling eyes lazily meandered my body. My eyes instantly captured the mole on his right jaw which adds beauty to his face. The tall, lean figure strolled towards me, looking dashing in that plain white shirt with black jeans. A few of his shirt buttons opened, giving me assess of his sexy mouthwatering abs. I want to pour the delicious chocolate sauce on his sexy abs to lick and bite his milky skin. He smirked sexily, fluttering my heart. I gaped him as he’s my favorite food.
  • He bites his lower lip sexily gazing me intently with those dazzling eyes, standing in front of me. Involuntarily, I stood up leaving the chocolate. His smirk widened making my heart skip its beat. He pulled me by my waist, I shivered to his touch but didn't move a bit obvious because of my weight.
  • He chuckled, taking a step closer. His proximity made me weak on my knees, adding to it, his dazzling eyes not at all helping me with its heated gaze. He bent to my height, closer to my lips fanning his breath on my skin. I shivered under his intense gaze on my lips.
  • He licked the chocolate near my lips. I closed my eyes crumbling his shirt, feeling his hot tongue on my skin. My breath became uneven, I couldn’t stand on my knees anymore. He blew air on my eyes, a shiver ran down to my spine. I opened my eyes to lose in his dazzling eyes.
  • "So tasty Angel," he whispered huskily.
  • I felt shy with his passionate voice and endearment and lowered my gaze to got the full view of his sexy mouthwatering abs.
  • "Me or chocolate?" I whispered without raising my head. He came too close making my breath hitch. He raised my chin holding it with his right-hand forefinger. My breath was uneven and again lost in his dazzling eyes.
  • "Both," he said huskily.
  • My lips curled into a smile but eyes widened feeling his lips on mine. In shock, I closed my eyes, fisting his shirt. Caressing my waist, he sucked my lower lip embracing me to his hard chest. Automatically, my fingers sneaked to his nape, fondling his silky hair. I sucked his upper lip inhaling his masculine aromatic fragrance.
  • I'm losing balance and suddenly fell, gasping hard...
  • I raised my head to see what the hell just happening. I was in the class, daydreaming about my Dream King. Those bimbos spoiled my romantic dream, moving my right elbow on the bench which was supporting my chin. With that, I came back to the real world. They’re laughing crazily, pointing me.
  • "What happened mini elephant? What are you daydreaming about? Food?" Samy asked laughing loudly. She was sitting on my front bench left corner near the window.
  • "No, I think a fat boy was kissing her, right baby?" Nandy gave high-five to Samy, who was to my left side. I rolled my eyes ignoring them.
  • "Wait, girls. Why are you teasing our Anu baby? She was dreaming about the food to eat after we left from college right, mini elephant?" Anni said feigning sweetness and laughed pinching my chin with her left-hand fingers. She was in front of me. Glaring, I swatted her palm giving all of them a mind-your-own-business look.
  • "Oh, mini elephant got angry. Let's leave her, we got our fun," Nandy giggled and started their gossip session.
  • These bimbos always bully me for being plump, for being low class, for being an orphan and what not; even though they're my roommates. They forced me to sit on the last bench so that they will use my name if they get caught in the middle of the class for gossips. Well, none of the faculty believe these bimbos as I'm a good student.
  • I huffed, turning to my right side. Naveen smiled sweetly, adjusting his eyeglasses with his right-hand forefinger, waving with the other hand. I reciprocated the smile, waving back.
  • Suddenly, the room spread with abrupt silence’ there came my Dream King, Deep sir. I flashed all my teeth like a toothpaste advertisement. He reciprocated the smile and started the class. I can see the mole on his right jaw even from this far end. He looks so sexy in that sky blue formal shirt.
  • ‘Oh my biriyani, even I wore blue, today.’
  • Mine was cadet blue; but still, it's blue right! I want to pinch his cheeks saying, 'same pinch'.
  • ‘Is that possible in this birth?’
  • Anyways, his long fingers scribbling on the board, his broad muscular shoulders looking damn sexy. His passionate voice sounds soothing but like as usual, sounds déjà vu too. It’s hard to figure out the reason but I ignored it and enjoyed his class.
  • ~ζ~ζ~ζ~