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Chapter 5

  • Calla turned around to see Xavier was standing, she knelt on the ground and started sobbing hard. Xavier also knelt, cupped her face and spoke. "What is it Calla?"
  • Calla looked in his eyes and spoke, "I've failed you, I've failed you both. You both trusted me with Sophie and I wasn't able to protect her."
  • Xavier gave her a small smile, he wiped her tears and spoke again in a calm tone. "You've done more than you could. But this isn't something you can handle that easily. You need help Calla."
  • Calla gave him a confused look and spoke. "The cops are trying but..."
  • Before she could finish Xavier cut her in the middle and spoke again. "Cops can't find her, they can't help. There is someone who can help you find Sophie and the others. And you're the only one who can convince him to do that." Calla grabbed his hands tightly and asked him.
  • "Who daddy? Just tell me. I will do everything to bring her back." Xavier's face was a bit serious when he started speaking again.
  • "His name is Ethan, Ethan Carter. You know him and you're the only one who can reach him. Find him and ask him to find and save Sophie."
  • Calla was more confused, she was sure she never heard this name in her life, she asked Xavier. "I don't think so, I've heard this name ever before."
  • Xavier shook his head and spoke. "No you haven't but it's the same guy who you have known as the strange man. Calla keep the name in your mind, Ethan Carter. You have to find him, he's the only one who can help you. You have time till the dark sun will rise. I know you can do it." He pecked her forehead and left.
  • Calla slowly opened her eyes and looked out of the window. It was almost dawn. Her mind reminded her of the name again. "Ethan Carter." She heard it like a whisper. She quickly got up and went to her study desk. She grabbed a pen and paper and quickly wrote his name on it. She put it in her purse and went to the bathroom to take a shower. She came out of the shower after 10 minutes, changed in black buttoned up shirt and blue skinny jeans. She wore her shoes and went downstairs. Sidney was already there, making breakfast. Sidney thought Calla wouldn't work, she would take a day off.
  • But here she is, ready to go to work. Sidney asked her and Calla replied. "No I can't come to work today, I have to find someone. I'll work at home." Sidney gave her an understanding nod. Calla didn't eat anything, she quickly grabbed her keys and her mobile, and went out. She sat in her car and drove off.
  • She didn't know where and how to find him. But she decided to start looking for him, where she had last seen him. She parked her car and went into the fantasy festival. She found that shop quickly. Calla was a sketch artist as well. 2 weeks ago when she saw him last, she drew his face on paper, she didn't know that it would help her like this. She showed people his sketch, no one knew who he was. She didn't give up, she knew Xavier would never misguide her. She kept looking for him. She hasn't had anything since morning and it was way past dusk. She wasn't feeling fine, her head and feet were hurting, She felt dizzy. She lost control and was about to hit the ground when a strong arm grabbed her small figure tightly and made her stand again. She looked at the stranger, it was him. It was Ethan. She smiled and said, "Finally, l have found you." With that she closed her eyes and darkness enveloped her.
  • Calla opened her eyes in a total different place. Her eyes roamed around but she had no clue where she was. She was lying on a soft blue silk bed, it was huge. She looked around, the room was all clean and clear. She tried to get up but fell back down due to the dizziness. The door of the room opened and Ethan came in. He had a tray full of food and a glass of juice. He came and sat on the edge of the bed. He placed the tray besides her and asked her in a worried tone. "How are you feeling now?"
  • She looked at him and spoke in a weak voice. "Dizzy, my head hurts." He nodded his head and made her sit on the bed. He gave her the tray but she refused to eat and spoke to him. "I need your help."
  • He shushed her, he held a spoon full of fried veggies and chicken close to her mouth and spoke. "You eat first, then we will talk." The food smelled good, her stomach was growling due to hunger. She gave up and started eating, he fed her by his hands.
  • When she was done he took the tray and was about to get up to leave but she stopped him. "I thought you said I'll eat then you'll listen."
  • He sighed and looked at her. "I already know why you are here and what do you want from me?" She was shocked listening to him. She was sure Xavier told her everything in her dream.
  • He read the expressions of her face and answered her unasked question. "I know everything about you. What do you think, what do you do, what do you want? I even know every single dream you've had in your entire life." She found it really strange, after hearing all this, she would have feared him but instead she felt safe here, around him. She brushed off her thoughts and asked him.
  • "What do you mean?" He put the tray aside and sat beside her.
  • He looked in her eyes and spoke. "I know you've met Xavier last night, he told you my name and told you to find me. You have found me but I can't help you with Sophie's disappearance." Saying that he exited the room. She slowly got up and followed him. Calla placed her hand on the wall to balance herself. Her head was still spinning and she felt weak. She was walking, she got on the stairs and started climbing down. She was almost at the ground floor when she missed a step and fell down. Ethan again caught her before she would get hurt. He scooped her up in his arms and made her sit on the couch. He went to the kitchen and brought her a glass of water. She drank it all in one go.
  • He placed the glass on the table and again repeated himself. "I can't help you with this. I'm sorry." Tears started to roll down on her cheeks. She was crying. He could bare anything in this world but her tears.
  • He rose both of his hands in the air and told her. "Alright fine. I'll help you. Now stop crying." He said it as he wiped her face with his palms.
  • He spoke again. "My master was right, you women are manipulative."
  • Calla's face lightened up and she wrapped her arms around his neck and spoke. "Thank you so much, you have no idea how happy I am."
  • He smiled, rubbed her back soothingly and spoke. "I can feel everything that you feel. As I said, I even know every dream or nightmare you've ever had in your entire life."
  • Her eyes widened as she quickly pulled away from him and with narrowed eyes she asked him. "Every dream?" Her heartbeat was fast and cheeks were red.
  • He chuckled and leaned close to her and spoke again in a low seductive voice. "All of them." He got up and scooped her up again, he took her back to his room, laid her down and pulled the silky comforter over her body. He sat beside her, holding her hands until she drifted off.