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Chapter 88: Lingering Night

  • The next day, I had no idea about the time when I opened my eyes, only seeing the glaring sunshine penetrating through the heavy curtain. I grabbed the duvet and looked around......
  • “Why were so many stones being thrown at me?” I thought as I sheltered myself under the duvet, scratching my head, “Oh! Sorry,
  • Jonathan had come to embrace me, kissing my smooth collarbone eagerly with his lips. Out of expectation, I felt his breath and a sudden kiss.
  • I couldn’t help laughing and trembling under his strong and masculine chest and legs. “Stop touching,” I said.
  • My whining seemed to heighten his lust. He breathed more rapidly and strengthened his hands on my breasts. And his kiss turned into a nibble. He had never been as brutal as he had last time. But the cruel and painful stimulation gave me intense pleasure that I had never enjoyed before.
  • He began to pull my jeans down. “You aroused me last night, but you spoke of divorce. Tonight, I will let you beg me to love you!” Jonathan said.
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