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Chapter 70: Her Tune

  • Why did that man appear at the wrong time? I wiped away my tears and stood up resentfully to snatch it back.
  • "Mr. Donovan, I admit that you know the piano, you know the art, but I don't understand you," I said.
  • "The first time I saw your smile, heard your music, I felt the love and emotion overflowing from your soul. You can convey your happiness to people who don’t understand music,” he told me. He pulled my sleeves and raised my hands in front of my eyes, “If I hadn’t witnessed the performance, I would not have believed that you could play such moving music with your bleeding fingers.”
  • I was feeling terrible and wasted my energy talking to him. I fixed my hair and continued to walk towards the school.
  • “Why do you hate yourself so much?” his words hit my heart. He understood not only art and the piano but also me. I was a little stiff.
  • “Desiree Li, let us sign a contract. I promise you will achieve your dream,” Shawn said.
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