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Chapter 7 Life Continues

  • Aimlessly, another two years went by.
  • I sat at the piano at the age of fifteen. The keys were dancing under my fingertips, melodies echoing in the gentle light. I practiced piano music for more than half a year, to give him a surprise on his birthday. I turned slowly to Jonathan, who was on the sofa, where he shook his red wine glass and I watched the red wine in the sunlight, rotating and glowing in the glass...
  • For a seven-year-old child, his face seemed very handsome; for a girl of fifteen, his appearance was exquisite and attractive, wisdom flowed from his eyes. Especially, when he half-closed his eyes, which exuded a look of malevolence, I could almost smell the deadly evil, like I was under a spell.
  • But the loneliness in his eyes attracted me most when he sat on the sofa, a cigarette in his hand, he exhaled the smoke slowly. I could always feel the loneliness in his heart and would sit beside him, breathing in the smell of tobacco around him. He wouldn't say a word to me, and I wouldn't ask him what had happened. We just sat together, comforting each other as if our hearts were united.
  • "Happy birthday," I walked over to him and said, as I finished my performance.
  • "Well done!" he said. When he looked at his watch and glanced at the bodyguard outside, I knew he was going out. I picked up his coat on the sofa, helped him put it on, and tried to button it on my tiptoes, and said, "be careful!"
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