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Chapter 68: Life Without Him

  • Two years later...
  • Sitting alone in the corner of the seafood shop, I peeled the shells of the shrimps carefully, putting them on the plate in front of me, still intact. The waiter brought me another plate of shrimp and took away the empty one.
  • "Can I help you?” A very polite voice said beside me. I shook my head and continued to peel the shrimp. As I glanced sideways, I noticed a strange man sitting opposite me. He was wearing a light grey shirt, and he was charming and confident.
  • “Sorry!” I reminded him seriously. “That seat is reserved’ He is just leaving for the toilet and is coming back soon.”
  • "He has been here for three hours?” he looked at me with alert eyes and said, "He won’t come back, or he would have been here.”
  • Suddenly, tears welled up. I bit my lip, weeping, and said firmly, “He will.”
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