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Chapter 64: His Revenge

  • Not knowing how others got married, I guessed it could not have been duller or more casual than ours. No sooner had we entered the door than several couples whispered to one another that we were ten years apart at least.
  • Ignoring them, Jonathan pulled me towards the staff member at the court and put the household registry certificate on the table, which startled them. They asked with wide eyes, “Is this a father-daughter relationship?”
  • "Adoptive father and daughter! Just revise the relationship column,” Jonathan answered impatiently.
  • "But... " glancing at his name, the lady looked up at the bodyguards behind him, then said gingerly, “I will ask about it.”
  • After a while, she came out and handed us a form quickly. “You fill out the form, then sign it,” she said.
  • When filling out the form, I finally could not help asking the question: "Why do you want to marry me since you hate me so much?" His hands paused, and the plastic pen cracked in his palm. He didn't speak and went on writing.
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