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Chapter 61: Failed Revenge

  • I was only half a step away from him, it just took the time to raise the knife to get my revenge. But my hands, holding the knife, became weak. But at the last, crucial moment, I realized that I couldn't bear to kill him, nor could I hate him.
  • Because no woman was willing to witness her beloved man dying, and she would avoid it happening under any circumstances, even risking her life. Probably that's how my mom felt.
  • I looked up at the starry sky.
  • My heart said to my family in heaven: “Forgive me!” I tried, but I couldn’t kill him. I knew it was a unique chance which I missed, but I thought there would be another one. I was still willing to give up on it. Even if he found out and got his revenge by the cruelest means, I would never regret it. It was because I loved him. I'd rather stab the knife in my chest than hurt him a little.
  • Just as I was about to put down my aching arms and lay beside him, I heard his deadly call,” Desiree?” It was a horrible, solemn night. As I staggered back in shock, I lost my grip on the knife and it dropped from my trembling fingers. A sharp, crashing sound could be heard as the knife struck against the ground in the quiet night.
  • I was dumbstruck, standing still and waiting for him to open his eyes, sit up and look at me. I wanted to explain, but what I said was a lie. "Did you already know what I was planning?” I asked nervously.
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