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Chapter 59: Last Night of Passion

  • "You!" I said when I saw the slender figure standing on the balcony. I was so stunned that I forgot I was naked. "You... why are you here?” I asked. When he turned back and stared at my body, it occurred to me that I was naked. Then I covered myself with the towel hastily and shook my hair.
  • He smiled and said, "I knocked on the door, but you didn’t answer."
  • "Oh, sorry, I didn't hear it,” I said.
  • "It’s okay, I don't mind!” he muttered.
  • I was such a coward. I should have rebuked him loudly and said, “How can you enter my room randomly?” Finally, it seemed that I was wrong. Though a little angry, I couldn’t control my legs moving towards him. He had changed into a light grey nightgown and had a strong scent of lilac, the same smell after a bath.
  • "Does it usually take so long to take a shower?” Jonathan asked and held my waist from behind, pressing his face against my long hair and rubbing his nose against my smooth shoulders. My heart was racing, so I stood steadily by leaning against the glass. "Oh, long?”
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