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Chapter 52: Night Together

  • He undressed me slowly. His fingertips moved from my half-naked upper body to my waist, and he easily found the zipper of my skirt and pulled it open.
  • "How do you know the zipper is there?” I asked him. The design of the school uniform skirt was quite concealed. I remembered when I first wore it, it took me a long time to find it. He smiled, his deep eyes had a seductive, evil look in them, “I have observed it many times.”
  • He leaned close to my ear, his disordered breath blowing behind my ear. "I've always regarded your uniform as an eyesore, so I often wondered how I could take it off as fast as I could,” he told me.
  • The crystal drops of water splashed down my flawless skin, flowing on the round curves of my figure, shining in the light. In a hazy mist, the deepness of his features faded away and became more transparent and pure, especially the light in his enchanted eyes, which captured my soul.
  • Under his affectionate gaze, the hot water seemed to permeate my skin, flowing over my body. I couldn't help but look forward to his perfect promise.
  • I didn't know if it would be as pleasant as what was written in the novel. I was secretly expecting it, when I saw him reach for a bottle of shampoo, I was a little confused and began to wonder if I was thinking too much. Was he not intending to have sex with me today?
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