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Chapter 51: Her Confession

  • "I... I. "I couldn’t speak the sweet words I had prepared, I just went blank when facing him. I could vaguely remember the second step was to kiss him. In a moment, I put my hands on his shoulders, and when he was stiff with shock, I stood on my toes to kiss his lips.
  • The moment our lips touched, his passion was triggered like dynamite. Then his rolling passion destroyed all my reason. I could only try my best to respond to him shyly. He held it around my waist and pushed me against the wall. He almost swallowed me up with his violent kiss, and his tongue flowed freely in my mouth.
  • The bag in my hand finally fell to the ground and my hands tightened around his neck. His temperature warmed my cold body and melted my heart. His hands reached into the corner of the dress and untied my bra button skillfully, it was intoxicating as he went further. I could not help groaning faintly, raising my head naturally and leaning against the wall. I felt a passionate storm rolling in my body.
  • I forgot everything completely, even my identity and the thoughts I had a second ago. The only thing I remember was that he said he loves me! I loved him, too! Then, he suddenly let me go.
  • He stroked my face with his back of his finger, saying with a sneering smile, “When you are abandoned by him, is it the time to come to me?” I was breathing rapidly, my brain had been burned to ashes, looking at him stupidly with no words.
  • He turned his face away and he said lightly, "It's late. Go back to your room to rest.”
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