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Chapter 48: Perfect Timing

  • My room was filled with beautiful orange light from the sunlight that shone through the lace curtains from outside. He stared at my eyes silently. My bedroom had a girlish scent and it was so warm, as I heard the rain pouring down outside.
  • Leaning against my pillow, he came closer and closer to me, his fingers moving down along my shoulders. At that moment, my phone rang. It was dangerous that his intoxicating eyes almost revived my slumbered self.
  • When I wanted to sit up and answer the phone, he pushed me back into bed with a little effort on his hands. "Can I answer the call?” I asked. Few people knew my cell phone number. In general, only Steven would call me. I guessed that he probably wanted to ask me about my injury.
  • He reached out to get my cell phone, glancing at the number, he threw it at me with an awful expression. I glanced at the call, as expected, it was Steven.
  • "How is your face?” he asked.
  • "Much better after the ointment,” I said.
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