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Chapter 41: His Cruelty

  • Jonathan put me into his car and kept silent. I also didn't want to talk. Seeing him light a cigarette, I noticed that his hand was bloody, there was a bit of glass in his flesh dyed with red wine. Imagining the feeling of applying alcohol on the wound, I couldn’t help rubbing my palm, feeling the sharp pain.
  • I detested him as much as I loved him. I wanted to hand him a tissue from my pocket, but it was a pity that I was wearing Lisa’s clothes. I said,” Your hands, shall we clean the wound in the hospital?”
  • "No!” he said abruptly.
  • "Then let me help you get the pieces of glass out," I suggested.
  • "No!” he said again.
  • I turned away from him, but after a while I could not control myself and glanced at his hands again, whispering,” It is easy to get infected, let me deal with it.” Seeing that he didn’t respond, I sat closer to him, turning on the light in the car, to pull the large pieces of glass out of his palm carefully.
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