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Chapter 22 The Case

  • “Boss Jonathan? “Fortunately, the voice of one of Jonathan’s men interrupted the kiss in time, otherwise I couldn't imagine what Jonathan would have done next, perhaps molested his immature daughter.
  • “What’s wrong?” Jonathan asked and stopped the security guard who had just turned around and walked outside the door, hurriedly.
  • “Well... “The bodyguard looked at me awkwardly and turned to Jonathan. It took him a long time to think of what he wanted to say. “Officer Marcel is coming, and he wants to talk with you and your little girl.”
  • He looked up at Jonathan and added, “To inquire about the details of the kidnapping yesterday.” When the bodyguard went out, I could see that he was relieved and wiped the cold sweat off his face.” No wonder he was so scared since he had only been there for two months, probably no one had told him that I was Jonathan’s adopted child.
  • I licked my lips. “Although I could regard the kiss last night as a goodnight kiss, could I convince myself that this was only a good morning kiss?” I thought about it for a while.
  • Officer Marcel was still dressed in a uniform, as soon as he entered, he took out a piece of paper and a pen from his folder, with intense solemnity on his face. Jonathan had known his purpose, sat down on the crouch and said in a sarcastic tone, “It is rare for you to come over to my house. Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?”
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