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Chapter 21 Glimpse of His Past

  • Some said that he killed many people on impulse. But Jonathan did not care whether it was right or wrong. He supported Troy’s words, “All the good women have been spoiled by us!”
  • At Crystal's funeral, Jonathan looked out at her gravestone from a distance. Many people mourned her, but no one knew who he was. When he saw the strange name carved on the tombstone, he remembered that she had said her real name wasn’t Crystal.
  • After the crowd had dispersed, Jonathan put a large bunch of red spider lilies on her tombstone and said to her with a smile, “I love you! I will marry you tomorrow! No, today...I will miss you and will never forget you. When he looked at her photo, she seemed to laugh so sweetly.
  • As Jonathan was about to leave, a man in a black suit stopped him. It took him a long time to gather his thoughts but remembered the man. “Are you Jonathan Li?” the man asked.
  • “Yes, I am,” Jonathan replied.
  • “Can we talk?” he asked.
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