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Chapter 19 High Price of Love

  • The day Crystal left him, the sun was shining brightly. He got a phone call from Peter Wilson in New York, “Jonathan Li, you should give me Troy Yang, or you will regret it.” When he heard Peter ‘s voice, he knew that Troy had been up to something.
  • “Peter, what has made you so angry? Take it easy, I'll teach him a lesson for you.” Jonathan said.
  • “Troy killed my son! You must bring him to see me at three o’clock this afternoon.” Peter insisted. He was stunned for half a minute when he recovered, Peter had hung up.
  • Peter Wilson had a big gang in his region, neck, and neck with Jonathan’s men. But Peter had built his strength for forty years, while Jonathan was just from a younger generation. Obviously, Jonathan was in an inferior position in terms of interpersonal connections.
  • Sometimes when they met, Jonathan greeted him as Uncle Peter. It was audacious of Troy to kill Peter’s son!!! Jonathan couldn’t bear to think of beating Troy, besides, what could change after a fight? It wouldn’t bring Peter’s son back.
  • Jonathan went to see Troy and just said, “Look, don’t cause any trouble, just make it look as if you died jumping off the balcony.”
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