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Chapter 13 The struggle is Over

  • Soon, I heard the sound of screeching brakes outside the door, I thought it was Jonathan, so I looked around outside.
  • A man dressed in a coat edged in black fur got out of the car, followed by others. He seemed to be a hotshot of some sort. He was also rather tall, over six feet, and he had quite an air about him.
  • Somehow, I thought I had seen him somewhere before, but couldn't remember where. He walked up to me and untied me. After uncovering my mouth, he took off his black leather coat and put it around me. He asked, "Are you alright?" I shook my head and when I saw his handsome face, I finally remembered.
  • "You?" I could hardly believe it while looking at the handsome man in front of me “Aren't you Troy Yang?”
  • "Yes!" he replied quickly.
  • The first time I met him was a year ago, he was dressed up like a peacock. His appearance was so attractive, he had gorgeous eyes and was very charming. I thought that both he and Jonathan were equally attractive.
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