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Chapter 11 Abducted

  • It was a rainy day that I never wanted to remember again as I walked out of school with my umbrella.
  • A mountain bike stopped beside me, I raised my eyes and saw Erik Wesley, my classmate. He shook his hair, it was dripping wet. In a cool way, he said, "Desiree Li, where is your home? I can take you home.”
  • "No, thanks. Someone will pick me up later," I told him. Looking down at my watch, I saw that it was only just half-past four, still early.
  • Jonathan called and said he was coming to pick me up at school because it was raining. I couldn't understand the logic between the rain and his action, but I didn't refuse it. Usually, school was over at five o 'clock, but today it finished a little earlier, so I expected to wait for a while.
  • "Look at the heavy downpour, let me accompany you to shelter from the rain.” Erik brushed his hair with the fingers, revealing a rebellious and handsome face. Puppy love was not something new in junior high school when boys and girls were easily attracted to each other. I didn’t feel the same way and wasn’t bothered about boys.
  • “It's fine, someone is coming soon," I assured him. The moment I finished the words, a beat-up jeep stopped in front of me, and the back door opened quickly.
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