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(End): A Chance of Love

  • ‘Angels are spiritual beings that can, to a certain degree, take on physical form at will. But when they descend to Earth as a Fallen Angel, they morph into a solid body, immortal yet dead, waiting for their final judgement to take place. They retain their abilities and powers; to use it for good or evil is their choice, but with the promise of Hell if they do so to hurt humans. Numerous reasons are present why an angel becomes a Fallen, but all of these led straight to their rules. Once broken, a punishment is to be made. It is said that the greatest sin an angel can commit is to love something or someone more than God.’
  • ~ JMFelic (An overview)
  • Heavenly Realm
  • Hundreds of Years Ago
  • “Are you happy now?” Mikha’el queried when they were left alone in the middle of a spacious hall. He was standing in Aestaroath’s front, looking down at him in frustration. Around them showed nothing but white; white colossal beams, white clouds hovering mid air, and white stairs going to an elevated altar where a bright, golden throne was.
  • “I am...” Aestaroath answered with his head bent down. He was half-kneeling on the floor; as an act of respect and not a sign of repentance. His thick, angelic wings were spread about on each side; still a glorious white. Before he receives his punishment, this would be his last time seeing the untainted color in his back.
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