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Chapter 26 - "I'll See You Later, Little One"

  • Cold as ice — that’s what Ysabelle’s temperature felt first when Haien touched her face. She looked like a stone, literally, with her skin the color of gray similar to that of common statues in gardens. Her eyes were closed, but a fresh tear escaped from it oddly. It didn’t surprise the demon though, for he knew seconds from now she would breathe.
  • Three...
  • Two...
  • One...
  • And breathe she did, like a human revived from drowning.
  • Her skin color changed to normal, her cheeks a rosy blush, and her lips returned to a shy red. The vibrancy of her hair had the same effect; silky and smooth, but the ends were a lot straighter now. She felt her head dizzy, but it was just brief for her focus was diverted into a much overwhelming feeling... the normalcy of her body.
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