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Chapter 25 - Revelations and Truths Part 2

  • “Ahhh, so much better, ” Haien aired out, opening his eyes and showing the heterochromatic orbs. He dragged as much oxygen as he could inside his lungs and lifted one leg to make a figure-four position. “Why, howdy everyone? How’s it going?” he asked coolly, turning his gaze on them.
  • “My Prince, ” Earl Doubrava did a slight bow, “At last you have come back. Please, I am not an impatient man but I believe it is only timely that you should fulfill our end of the agreement now. You know already why.”
  • H grinned, of course he knew why. Marcus inside his dimension now was trying to summon his holy powers again. It is possible, although distant, that at any moment, by some freaking luck, he could escape again and have them battling ownership the second time.
  • However, as a happy-go-lucky demon that he is, he just had to stall the moment for a bit of fun.
  • “Now now Earl. You are so hasty. While I was in my prison you know, I couldn’t help overhearing your little discussion and had found that this man here—, ” H routed his cold eyes on André, “my former landlord... my— lover boy wants to talk to me.”
  • “Ah, yes, ” the Earl nodded, “you two can talk, Your Highness, but please, don’t take too long. Ysabelle is ready now.”
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