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Chapter 23 - Understanding the Past

  • Northeastern Region (Ancient City of Samaria)
  • Days after the Miracle of Resurrection
  • After that faithful day, the resurrected girl and her family continued to live on with their normal lives. As requested, not one tongue spoke of the miracle. The neighbors kept silent and so did the family themselves. To ensure the girl’s complete recovery and safety, her father confined her inside the house; only able to visit and see the outside sky within the house backyard.
  • The girl, understanding the circumstances that befell on her, obediently did as she was told. She asked no questions about what happened and gave no comment on her side of the story. It was her choice to be mute about it and so did her parents.
  • As was before, her daily routines inside the house consisted mainly of house chores. She would clean the plates after their meals, took buckets of water enough for her lanky arms to lift in and out of the kitchen and feed the family’s livestock and poultry every morning and afternoon.
  • One morning when she stepped out of the kitchen door and into the backyard garden, she caught sight of a man sitting on top of one of the partition walls of her neighbor. He was wearing an odd dress not considered common in Samaria. It looked foreign as the metallic silvery cloth hugged the man like a God. One leg was stretched idly, while the other was bent with his right hand resting on top the knee. His head and back was leaning against another taller partition wall while looking at the blue sky. The man was beautiful, the girl thought, with straight golden brown hair in shoulder length, a chiseled jaw and a slender neck. What she was immediately captivated though was one striking detail about him: wings.
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