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Chapter 21 From Dreams to Reality

  • Five minutes earlier...
  • H was enjoying himself blocking the exorcist priest’s yelling whilst taking in all of the woman’s being; her flushed cheeks, the glistening breasts, the lovely exposure of her belly, and her inability to fight back. He loved it when a female is powerless under him. He loved it when he gets to toy with them before fucking them senseless and devouring their souls.
  • Though immortal, Ysabelle wasn’t different. She was even special in his eyes, knowing sooner or later she’d die in his hands if he takes her immortality away. He planned to make the most of her before that happens, but he didn’t expect that his plans would soon go awry, and by soon it meant at present, where he was in the middle of creating an unwelcomed orgasmic sensation for the woman.
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