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Chapter 20 The Birth and The Return

  • When their bodies touched the mattress, Ysabelle felt the alarm going to her head. By no means was she going to yield to this man who acted exactly unlike a human, let alone the Marcus that she knew. How else would they be gently floating down if this person above her wasn’t a supernatural?
  • In her endless lifetime, she had seen countless of things under the guardianship of the brotherhood. Things that no mere human knows, not even the Vatican court of overseers, not even the Holy See, not even the presidents of the divided countries. She knew that other than humans, there were a number of entities playing on the background. Ghosts, angels, demons, spirits of the unknown, even what humans call now as unidentified flying objects. All of them are real and the Priory of Sion, though religious in nature, kept different kinds of relics and artifacts from these heavenly and not-so heavenly beings in the wake of their visits. They keep it safe and vowed secrecy of it, and sometimes Ysabelle thought of herself as one of those relics, the only difference is that she is alive and moving.
  • When she caught a glance at the tattoo in his right and left hands, that’s when she realized that what’s inside Marcus was the demon her cousin, André, had days ago. So, it wasn’t exorcised for good it seems and that Marcus was possessed by it now.
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