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Chapter 18 - The Tent of Love

  • Was it two days or more?
  • Marcus wasn’t sure anymore how much time had passed since he was locked inside the barren place. If anything, he thought the demon, H, had transported him into another dimension or maybe in the entity’s own state of prison. H was a transporter demon anyway; it can always do that using its powers. They were both connected with each other still though since it was Marcus’ body that H was using. He could feel the demon’s blackened emotions, but couldn’t see through its mind. It was the same with H too towards him.
  • Marcus had tried and tried to call for H, trying his best to catch its attention so that he’d be able to take back his body. However, the demon had been giving him a silent treatment, or was playing the Invisible God mode. Thoughts of how the dark entity was faring in the real world made him shiver, especially when the possibilities cross with Ysabelle and what the demon might do to her. It alarmed him, but so far, the demon had not laid a hand on her. He could feel that she was safe... or at least for now.
  • Being trapped in this kind of dimension had him debating day and night — or maybe just night since the sky was always dark — if this was real or not. He could feel everything though, from the sand in his feet to the breeze of the air. It was the same as that in the real world, so he had concluded that this dimension was a real one.
  • But sometimes, he thought of the place too as just a dream. Just like those times he had been in this place when H hadn’t taken over his body yet, where he would just find himself waking up in his bed, sweating.
  • A dream. Yes. A dream...
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