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Chapter 17 - A Journey to the Past

  • Northeastern Region
  • Ancient City of Samaria
  • Blood, blood and more blood painted the rocky ground. Dead bodies of different genders and age were scattered all over the area. It was a full moon and aside from it, the only thing that showed the grotesque sight in the middle of the night was the large fire burning in the houses, barns and plants.
  • Not one soul was seen because not one soul was spared. Even animals - pets or livestock - weren’t given a chance to live. There was one man however that seemed to enlighten the lifelessness of the place. He was walking around the dead bodies, scanning them through his golden-like hazel eyes until he found one body he was looking for.
  • It was of a woman bathed in blood. Her knee and elbows had gashes resulting from crawling in panic to escape her captors. Her chest had a long blade slash along the sternum. Her face had an unsightly blackish-blue bruise near her left eye and a nasty cut from her cheek down to the jaw line. Her stomach, near the liver, had a metal sword embedded on it. It still oozed blood.
  • With one pull of the man’s hand, the sword came free, out of the woman’s throbbing wound. She cried but it was only brief for the pain shortly numbed.
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