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Chapter 15 - A Prince of Hell

  • What looked like mere seconds of stay inside the caretaker’s bedroom was actually an unbearable hour of struggle for Marcus; a struggle for supremacy and the battleground was his body.
  • He found himself in the same black environment, standing in front of a massive boulder where on top it was the demon leech itself, in a confident crouch and grinning at him from ear to ear. It wore a trench coat, in the same color of death. The collar of it was fixed upright making the cotton and its silky black locks seemingly merging into one.
  • “H, ” Marcus bit out, spinning a few dozens ways on how to tackle the parasite out of the imposing black boulder just so he could wipe the clever grin off its face.
  • “Ahh, you act as if we are acquainted already when in fact this is our first time meeting, ” H grounded, looking amused at Marcus — his apparent landlord.
  • “I know you enough you damn demon, ” Marcus spit out acidly. He clenched his fist and stepped a little closer towards the boulder, his booted feet making a depression on the black sand.
  • The Encyclopedia of Demons or popularly known as the Dictionnaire Infernal is the book Marcus had found in the Vatican Archives that talked about the demon with blue and violet flames. It may not have given a fitting picture of what the hellish entity looked like, but it was able to provide enough information for him to use.
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