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Chapter 12 - The Unspeakable Truth

  • Ysabelle stepped backward, stirred by his daring words. “Pleplease take the envelope. It contains your picture, ” she blurted out, her cheeks in a maddening blush. Good thing the light was red, otherwise, he would have seen how red her face was.
  • “You are escaping again, Ysabelle, ” Marcus, on impulse, remarked grimly, but that didn’t hide how her name flowed smoothly in his tongue. Although he wasn’t irritated by her swift avoidance of the topic, he was unhappy about it. He thought that they had an equal understanding of the Question and Answer portion of their conversation and for her to keep evading it definitely was the opposite.
  • “I am what?” Ysabelle clarified, unconsciously lifting her chin more.
  • “You are intentionally dodging yourself on my questions. They are not interrogations lovely lady and yet you act very hostile about it, ” Marcus answered. He moved to take the envelope from her, but his right hand strayed and instead gripped her wrist.
  • The contact brought out a prompt feeling in Ysabelle. Her respiration paused without her control and sent her head into a dizzying swirl. It was comparable to the feeling she had when she first touched his tattooed right arm back in his room. Exactly the same. But the feeling when Marcus kissed her wasn’t. It was more than that. It was similar to her having a heart attack: heart jumping out in disorder, chest tightening, and breathing in slow pace. It was almost like her life was a near end. It was enough a foreboding feeling that her fingers were shaking and she had to put a hand in the center of her chest when Marcus pulled himself away from their kiss that time.
  • Just what is the reason why this is happening whenever they come in contact physically?
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