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Chapter 11 - "Enlighten Me Then"

  • Dinner started at the stroke of seven with all of the usual attendees present, but there was a new addition to them now and it was the youngest member of the family.
  • Father Marcus and Father Julien were in their same seats and so were Sir Alfon, Madame Regina and Ysabelle. Mehak, who just arrived from an art class, decided to sit beside her Auntie in the left.
  • “I would like to make a toast, ” Madame Regina suddenly announced before their meal began. All of their attention was now on her. She stood up, took her glass of champagne and raised it in the air. “To Father Marcus, for saving my son’s life.”
  • Alfon somehow looked troubled, thinking whether to take his glass or not, but in the end, he did after Regina added, “And to my son, André, for staying strong and for his good health.”
  • Cheers!
  • All of the them chorused happily but mostly, the jubilant voices came from Regina, Father Julien, and Mehak. Marcus only nodded, while Ysabelle, conscious of the exorcist priest’s presence, produced a faint smile.
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