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Chapter 98 He Didn't Actually Mean It

  • Arthur paused, then said, "What I meant was that all is fair in love and war, and whatever you did is far from fair, not to mention despicable, to men. Besides, who would have pegged you for the petty sort? It's not as if you look the part. When it comes to love, the gracious thing to do would be to treat victory as impassively as you treat defeat."
  • Sherry let out a short bark of self-deprecating laughter. "Do you think I have no idea how stupid I was? You don't know what it's like to be as desperate as I am. I got dumped even though I put in more effort than Talia ever did, and yet she was the one who got to stay under the same roof as Jasper for twenty years. You won't ever understand what it's like to love someone, Arthur, being the casanova that you are. When you finally find someone whom you truly love and cannot live without, then you'll understand my reasons."
  • He didn't think the topic would turn on him all of a sudden. He cleared his throat awkwardly and said, "Okay, fine, I'll give it a rest. It's not as if I could change your mind, anyway. At least you're the one staying at Jasper's place now instead of Talia, right?"
  • Upon hearing this, Sherry felt a lot better, and she visibly softened. "I'll be leaving now. Remember: this meeting stays between us."
  • Arthur said nothing. He had no control over whether word of this would get to Jasper, and he didn't think there was much he could do if Talia found out about it, either.
  • That evening, Talia dragged herself over to the nearest bus stop, the slump in her shoulders proof of her exhaustion. It's weird not having to drive home after work. She smiled self-effacingly at the thought. Jasper has spoiled me too much, and now I'm entitled.
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