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Chapter 97 I'm Sorry but Tell Yourself to Tolerate Me!

  • Sherry acted as if she was long-lost friends with Talia. The former came forward and lifted the plastic bag with her slender fingers as she chidingly voiced out, "Is this all you're having for lunch? I thought that Jasper would treat you well, but it looks like I was wrong…"
  • Meanwhile, Talia refused to respond to Sherry and just grabbed the disposable cutleries to start eating. However, Sherry suddenly swept the takeaway meal to the ground. The floor was a mess because of the food strewn all over the place.
  • Stunned, Talia turned to Sherry. "Are you out of your mind?! Why are you targeting me? Since when did I offend you?"
  • Sherry cackled loudly. "When did you offend me?! Your existence is the biggest mistake ever! Why don't you figure out yourself when you offended me?! I'm of similar family background to Jasper, but you're just an orphan. Don't you know how you managed to join the Mills Family?! If I were you, I wouldn't even have the decency to continue staying on. You're such a shameless person."
  • Talia was angered beyond words because Sherry had hit a sore spot. The former tried her best to suppress her anger and she coldly exclaimed, "Please leave right now. This is the hospital. You should resolve your issue with Jasper just between the two of you. There's really no need to vent your anger at me."
  • Sherry was quite composed and she crossed her arms in front of herself. As usual, she maintained a sense of superiority. "Vent my anger? Who do you think you are anyway? You're not even worth my time. We're not of the same class. I just purely find you obtrusive. I used to think that it was my own problem because I couldn't seem to win over Jasper's heart despite my efforts over two and a half years. In the end, I realized that it was because of you that he couldn't fall in love with me. My efforts and sacrifices over two and a half years were in vain. This is all your fault! Shouldn't I seek vengeance from you?"
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