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Chapter 93 A Woman's Intuition

  • Talia finally compromised after struggling for twenty minutes.
  • Just then, she brought a cup of coffee into Arthur's office. She saw that he was filling out a report, so she stood by the doorway and waited for him to finish his work.
  • Meanwhile, Arthur saw her when he lifted his head, and he wasn't surprised at all. He placed his report by the side. "Come on in."
  • She placed the coffee in front of him. "When did they start their relationship?"
  • At that point, there was a contemplative look that flashed in his eyes. "You are indeed quite curious about it, and yet you pretended that you didn't care to know. I'm sure that you must have guessed it. It was during the three years he spent overseas. They got into a relationship about half a year after he went overseas and they broke up the night before he came back home."
  • Talia silently calculated in her mind; Jasper had been overseas for three years, so he had dated Sherry for two and half years. Those two and a half years seemed insignificant compared to the twenty years she had with him, but Sherry was by his side as his girlfriend, and in that sense, Sherry was the clear winner here.
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