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Chapter 87 Some Things Don't Change

  • Talia drank too much alcohol the night before, and her stomach felt bad as she hadn't had anything to eat. Once she walked into the studio, she pestered Judith to get her something to eat. Judith nagged her about it while she gathered a bunch of snacks for Talia. "Doesn't Jasper feed you? I can't believe you're here to snack on my stuff."
  • Talia tore a packet of snacks apart and gobbled it down while she told Judith all about what happened last night. Talia even criticized Owen for his immoral acts. This wasn't the first time Judith was forced to listen to Talia's stories, but she still found herself overwhelmed by all that she was hearing even though she was the third party who wasn't involved in these incidents. Judith lowered the wood-carving work she was doing before responding to Talia.
  • "Your biological dad might have been wrong, but don't you think… he indirectly helped you to achieve all the good things you have today? If you hadn't felt sad and drank over this matter, you wouldn't have gotten drunk, and nothing would've happened between you and Jasper. Based on my gut feeling, last night was different from the rest. At least he brought up the title of being his girlfriend, right? You were never considered his girlfriend in the past—you guys were more like friends with benefits," she said, her eyes twinkling with excitement.
  • Talia couldn't help but roll her eyes at Judith. "Do you think that's my main problem? I don't care about Owen or the rest—why would I feel sad over that? What is troubling me more now is that we might have done something last night…"
  • After listening to the voice note that Jasper had sent a few times, Judith came to a conclusion. "I'm sure you guys did something last night. He's sending you this because he's afraid that you will no longer stick to your word after that night. This serves as proof, you know? The fact that you woke up in his bed already makes things clear. Your room is literally a few steps away—why wouldn't he send you back to your room if he didn't want you in his?"
  • "Furthermore, he made a grand entrance when your biological father and stepmother were bullying you. I'm taking back nearly all of the bad opinions I have about him, so why are you so worried about this? Hasn't it always been your dream to be his girlfriend? You've liked him for so many years, and things are finally going your way. You should be happy."
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