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Chapter 84 What Else Do You Want from Me?

  • Perhaps Talia hadn't been exposed to the dark side of society, which was why she couldn't believe that Owen would do such a thing. I'm… I'm his biological daughter. Even if he abandoned me, we're still bonded by blood. How could he do such a thing to me?
  • Back when Owen went to look for her in the small town, and when he saw the letters that her mother left for her, his tears and regret seemed genuine. If he had actually managed to put on a sorrowful look in that situation, then he was just too scary…
  • Talia knocked on Jasper's door with a final sliver of hope in her mind. He opened the door to his room, and his gaze darkened when he saw her holding onto the documents with trembling hands. Her red-rimmed eyes were glistening with tears. "Are all of these… real?" She parted her lips to speak in a soft voice. Her entire body was shaking so much that she could barely stand.
  • Jasper leaned against the doorframe and paused for a moment before he spoke. "Should I have kept this a secret from you?"
  • Talia's tears finally trickled down her cheeks, but she hastily brushed them off. "I understand. Thank you. I'm fine…" With that said, she dragged her feet away from his room. Jasper raised his hand to stop her, but he lowered it before she noticed. It's a harsh reality that she has to confront eventually.
  • Owen's mistake was that he had first appeared in Talia's life with the intention of scheming against her. Some people were simply not meant to exist in the other person's life—both individuals could have stayed out of each other's sight without forming a bond with the other.
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