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Chapter 76 Brainless

  • Owen saw the resolve in her eyes, but he still wouldn't give up. "I know I've betrayed you and your mother, and I'm sorry. I'll do my best to make it up to you. I and your sister are the only family you have left. You can't just stand by and watch."
  • Talia sneered. "Why can't I? You're both nothing but strangers to me. Do you have any idea how I felt when I saw Mom die? Owen, you could have just left. Why did you tell Mom you'd be back? Why did you give her hope and left her for dead in the end? If it weren't for your kid, you wouldn't have come back to me, would you?"
  • She thought he would argue with her. It would be good enough even if he just lied, but instead, he chose to stay silent and admitted that he only came back because his other kid was sick. That was the breaking point, and she shot up from her seat. "I will not agree to that," she warned him coldly. "Don't come to me ever again. You are dead to me." She turned around and left.
  • Before she could leave, Owen stopped her. "Talia, can't you just let this slide? You wouldn't exist without me. I gave you life, and I'm your father. Think of this as repaying me. I won't bother you anymore, and besides, it's just one kidney. It won't hurt you."
  • Talia came to a halt. How unbelievably absurd. She turned around and glared at the hypocrite. She mocked, "You gave me life? Which part of it? When you spread your seeds while you lied to Mom? Or when you 'coincidentally' saved me during the robbery? What a joke. Mom was the one who gave me life, and the Mills raised me. You played no part in this. I'd rather if you never appeared during the robbery. And also, you and your wife's kidneys should work better for that kid. She's your daughter, for Pete's sake. So why do you want mine? Just give up. I won't do it."
  • Talia realized she was freezing when she came back home. She was just pretending to be calm, but a storm was raging within her. She wouldn't have been so cruel if Owen had done his job as a father. When Reuben's kidney failed, his son volunteered himself. That was because they were a loving family, so they didn't have to scheme for a kidney.
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