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Chapter 73 Take It or Leave It

  • After what happened the night before, she was all smiles even though he was giving her nasty looks. She greeted him happily, "Good morning."
  • He drank his coffee and looked at her. "Drive to work next time, and stop troubling me."
  • Talia was surprised. When she saw the car keys on the coffee table, she realized that he had bought her a car. But when she saw the logo, she suggested weakly, "Can't I get a cheaper one?"
  • He answered impatiently, "No. Take it or leave it."
  • She shut up and went to take her car, but she drove as carefully as she could, for she was worried she might scratch the car. I would have been fine with a regular car, but a Bentley? Honestly? I'm supposed to drive this? This is supposed to make me feel safe? When she came to the hospital, her colleagues saw the car and looked at it for a while, then they gave her a mysterious look. She smiled at them and scurried off. She draped her coat over herself and went to Owen's ward. He was awake, and she bought breakfast for him, then she propped him up so he could eat.
  • Owen was pale, but he was smiling happily. "I thought you would leave me for dead."
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