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Chapter 72 Crying For You

  • She realized what was happening, and she put her phone against her ear. She never thought it would go through, so she didn't manage to organize her words in time. They were both silent, but she was crying. She hastily wiped her tears dry, worried that someone might see her.
  • Her uncontrollable sobs reached him, and he asked in a hoarse voice, "Where are you?"
  • She whispered, "The hospital…"
  • He hung up, and she stared at the phone, feeling crestfallen. Did I disturb him? She wasn't planning on going home. She didn't want to go home alone after that happened. Besides, Owen wasn't waking up yet, and she had no idea how to contact his family. He was injured because of her, so she had to stay back.
  • The corridor was empty, save for some of the patients' family members who walked about. They gave her weird looks, as she looked wildly different than she usually did. Nobody noticed who she was, and just when she was planning to sit there the whole night, someone stood before her, blocking the light. She looked up and was surprised to see that it was Jasper.
  • "What happened?" He frowned.
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