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Chapter 68 I Need Pants

  • Jasper looked at her grumpily. "Get me a pair of pants!" They weren't living alone, and he cared about his privacy.
  • Talia stuck her tongue out and went to his bedroom to get him his pajamas. She felt like laughing, and so she laughed all the way. When she came back with his clothes, he wore his pants right in front of her with annoyance and stormed off. The swallows were still feeding their kids, and Talia watched them happily before she went to have breakfast downstairs.
  • The food just got better and better ever since Madam Nash came. Talia weighed herself and realized she had gained two pounds. As she had her breakfast, she complained, "Madam Nash, I'm already two pounds heavier. What will I do if I get too fat to be married?"
  • Madam Nash smiled. "You won't. You're a pretty girl. Someone will still want you even if you're fat." Jasper then came down, and Madam Nash shut up and went to the kitchen.
  • Jasper still looked upset, and he decided to vent it on the swallows. "Get someone to get rid of the swallows."
  • Ah, so he heard them as well. She pouted. "They'll leave in a moment. You don't have to do that. The babies still haven't grown up yet. You can't just get rid of the nest."
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