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Chapter 59 They're Not Big to Start With

  • When she heard that he had left, only then did Talia open her eyes and stare at the jacket on herself in confusion. She was sure that Jasper didn't have brief psychotic disorder, so why would he be nice to her after he had ruthlessly hurt her?
  • As she was particular about her sleeping environment, she was definitely unable to fall asleep in the garden because the rocking chair wasn't as comfortable as laying in bed. Just a few minutes later, she started to feel uncomfortable.
  • She stood up to get into the house and tossed Jasper's jacket on the rocking chair. He doesn't like it when things are done so casually, right? Then, I'm going to do this to make him uneasy. It will be best if he feels so uneasy that he doesn't want to see me anymore.
  • When she went into the house, she even simply left her slippers on the floor and walked around barefooted. After that, Madam Nash called her to have lunch, and she took a seat across from Jasper in the dining room.
  • Maybe he felt that she was being too casual today, so he cast her a probing look and instructed, "Put on your slippers."
  • With a fork in her mouth, she answered nonchalantly, "I don't want to. It hurts my feet."
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