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Chapter 55 His Threat

  • Did he specially mention the time because he's telling me that he saw Frank hugging me?
  • For some unknown reason, she started to panic, feeling as though she was caught doing something wrong, but in fact, she hadn't done anything.
  • Pretending to be calm, she wanted to return to her room straight away to avoid a confrontation with him, but she had only taken a couple of steps when Jasper instructed in an authoritative tone, "Come back with me to Creekvale."
  • Talia stopped in her tracks. "I'm not going back."
  • Rising up, he glanced at her with icy eyes. "What you say doesn't matter, unless you want Frank Shields to disappear from this world!"
  • Annoyed, she asked, "Are you threatening me? Who are you to make life decisions for me? I've already left the Mills Family, and we have nothing to do with each other anymore. Even if there is, it's only debts between us!"
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