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Chapter 5 Her Heart Fluttered Every Time She Saw Him

  • Immediately, Talia sobered up a little as she lifted her gaze to meet Jasper's deep eyes. I thought he'll be sleeping at this hour…
  • The morning sun shone through the window and formed patches of shadows on the floor. When the rays shone down on Jasper, they covered his cold face with a layer of slim golden light which made him look slightly gentler. Talia was stunned looking at Jasper, who was so dazzling that one could not shift his or her gaze from him. Whether it was back then when she was five years old or now when she was turning twenty-five, her heart fluttered every time she saw him.
  • "Aren't you working in the cardiac surgery department? Why did you show up at the department of gynecology?" Jasper changed the topic out of the blue.
  • He questioned Talia why she would appear in the department of gynecology yesterday and bump into Mandy.
  • Hearing that, Talia was in a daze. Obviously, she was so exhausted that her mind could not keep up with Jasper's.
  • Suddenly, Talia had a fainting spell, so she broke free from Jasper's hand in a panic and grasped the staircase handrail. "We can talk about this later. I need some rest because I'm too tired right now."
  • After saying that, she went straight to her room in a muddle without looking at Jasper's face which was burning with rage.
  • Little did she realize that what she did earlier was the first time in her life that she shoved away Jasper's hand. In the past, she was always the one being shoved away.
  • In the afternoon, Talia was awakened by the alarm. She opened her eyes in extreme unwillingness as she had yet to overcome the intense sleepiness.
  • How she wished she could snuggle in bed just like this forever, but she couldn't—she needed to work part-time as a private piano teacher in the afternoon. The price was pretty high and it was considered one of the part-time jobs that earned the most, so she did not want to miss the opportunity.
  • After putting on some light makeup, Talia went downstairs. She deliberately slowed down her steps and only started walking like normal when she perceived that Jasper was not at home. She would always be subconsciously more cautious when Jasper was around, worrying that he would be disgusted with her. But sadly, when was there ever a time did he not detest her?
  • Today was the first time Talia was heading to the venue of her part-time job. After a half-an-hour ride, she reached a neighborhood filled with villas. The residents here were all rich people with high net worths. Naturally, the pay they offered was also higher than average.
  • Talia walked to the employer's house and rang the doorbell. In no time, a housekeeper in her forties came out and opened the gate. "You must be Miss Carey, the piano tutor. Please come in."
  • Talia followed the housekeeper into the house and could faintly hear the sound of a piano coming forth from the inside. Hearing the disarrayed notes, she reckoned this student was a beginner, so she was prepared to put in more effort in teaching.
  • Upon seeing the student, Talia was actually amused. It was a young girl around the age of eight. Dressed in a pink tutu dress, the girl had a gorgeous appearance. Hey, but what is it about the disdainful look on her face? Is she looking down on me?
  • "So you're the piano tutor my brother hired for me? You look so young; are you sure you know how to play the piano? My mom left this piano for me. Not only is it expensive, but it has a special meaning to me too. Are you qualified enough to touch my piano with your pair of paws?"
  • The little girl started off with a rude remark. Talia glanced at her slender fingers and replied modestly, "I think my pair of paws should be qualified."
  • It was only then the little girl pouted and stepped aside unwillingly. "Play a song for me. If I'm not happy with it, you shall leave immediately. I don't like pretty women."
  • The corner of Talia's lips twitched. Is this a praise or devaluation?
  • With that, Talia walked to the piano and sat down to test the tone of the piano. The overall condition of the piano was pretty decent, and its price was terrifyingly expensive too.
  • Talia did not intend to conquer the little girl with a complicated piece, so she played something impromptu. Upon hearing Talia's performance, the little girl showed a change in her expression at once.
  • Even the housekeeper, who was standing aside, couldn't help praising, "Young Master sure has an eye for the right tutor. I'll leave Miss Sophia to you then as I still need to attend to other matters."
  • Alas, Sophia threw off her haughtiness and asked, "Miss Carey, what's the song you just played? I've not heard of it before."
  • Talia smiled faintly while furrowing her brows. "It doesn't have a name. I just thought of someone and played that out of my overwhelming emotions."
  • "That person must have made you extremely depressed. Is he your crush?"
  • Suddenly, a magnetic voice emerged from the entrance.
  • Sophia darted toward the man immediately and exclaimed, "Frank, I like this teacher! Please ask her to stay!"
  • Talia turned around and was stunned. "Frank? This… is your place?"