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Chapter 43 Are You a Hamster?

  • Jasper seemed a little tired, so he walked to the sofa and sat down in a relaxed posture. "Pour me a glass of water."
  • There were a lot of words Talia wanted to say to him, but she still got up with her head down and prepared to pour water for him.
  • However, seeing the blood on her finger, Jasper's eyes moved slightly. "Forget it. I'll do it myself."
  • When Talia saw that he walked to the water dispenser faster than her, she sat back on the sofa again. While drinking water, he asked her casually, "What happened to your finger?"
  • Talia stared at him faintly. "I was startled when you opened the door, and I slashed myself with a fruit knife..."
  • Jasper coughed lightly. "How can you be a doctor when you're this timid? Aren't you afraid of seeing a dead person, then? After all these years of working as a doctor, there must have been patients who died in your hands, right?"
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