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Chapter 37 How Long Have You Been Planning to Leave Me?

  • Amid the contradictions and dilemmas, Talia didn't fall asleep until the sun came up, and when she woke up, it was already a sunny afternoon.
  • She thought that the dean would call and give her an earful as she didn't go to work today, but the hospital ended up not bothering her at all.
  • Leaving her bed, she opened her room door and went out to the yard to wash up. Cassius followed behind her and said triumphantly, "I told you. You wouldn't be able to leave."
  • Talia only brushed her teeth angrily while secretly wishing she could spray some toothpaste on his face. How did this guy have the confidence to think he could see me through?
  • Although she was still in dilemma, she was more inclined to not leave for the time being. Even if she were to leave, she would do it after Jasper left so that he wouldn’t think that she was leaving because she didn’t want to see him.
  • The good weather never lasted for too long. After several days of fine weather, it finally ushered in a continuous rainstorm.
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