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Chapter 35 Cut off the Long Hair She Kept for Him

  • Talia was startled and let out a low cry. The wound on her forehead caused a sharp pain, and she couldn't help but turn pale. When she saw who was coming, she frowned and asked, "What are you doing?"
  • Seeing that it was Jasper's assistant, Talia let out a relieved sigh. "Miss, I see you're trying to wash your hair but find it inconvenient. Let me help you. It would be a pity to cut such fine hair."
  • Initially, Talia wanted to say no, but the assistant had already taken the basin to the bathroom to fetch some hot water.
  • Talia always felt that something was not right. First, she was stopped by Jasper when she wanted to take a bath, and now, she was somehow prevented from just cutting her hair...
  • All of a sudden, she recalled something—the reason why she let her hair grow out was because she knew Jasper liked it. When he was drunk and pressed her under him the other day, he seemed obsessed with her long hair and even played with it between his fingers. Since then, she had never cut her hair again.
  • Now that she didn't need to be humble to please him anymore, she thought she no longer needed to keep her long hair. Determined, Talia glanced in the direction of the bathroom. Then, she picked up the scissors, took a deep breath, and cut her hair to shoulder-length before throwing her hair into the trash. If she wanted to start over, then she had to be thorough.
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