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Chapter 31 Never Wanted to See Him So Badly Before

  • That night, Talia had nightmares all night, and when she woke up, besides the panic and fear that had yet to fade away, she couldn't remember the contents of the dream.
  • In the dream, she seemed to have lost something.
  • The sky was already bright outside, and the sun was shining just right.
  • She looked at the flowers and plants in the yard for a while as usual, then went to the store to buy some fruits and flowers before going to her mother's tomb.
  • After coming back for so long, this was her first time here. For some reason, she experienced a slight resistance before. Maybe it wasn't resistance, but fear. She feared that the tomb would remind her that all the people she cared about had left, and she was the only one left…
  • The cemetery was surrounded by lush green grass, and the trees stood firmly. The cool breeze brushed past gently, as if afraid to break such peace.
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