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Chapter 3 Sickly in Love

  • Embarrassed, Talia looked into Jasper's eyes which were like a pool of cold water. At that moment, they were so close to each other that her heart started pounding heavily. "I…"
  • The moment Talia spoke up, Jasper started assaulting her verbally. "Know your place. To me, you're no different from a club hostess. The only difference is that I allowed you to stay here."
  • As Talia saw him walking away, her face turned as pale as a sheet while she tried her best to suppress the gut-wrenching feeling. It's not the first time anyway and there's nothing to be sad about…
  • Jasper was referring to the breakfast, which was just a meaningless gesture to him.
  • Thereafter, Talia calmed herself down and headed toward the hospital. After arriving at the hospital, she habitually took the lift to the cardiac surgery department on the third floor. While passing by the examination center, she suddenly heard a crisp female voice. "When will my examination report be ready?"
  • She had heard this voice before––it was the woman from yesterday who was wailing to Jasper to not abort her child. Talia still remembered that voice as it was still fresh in her memory.
  • At once, she stopped in her tracks and gazed toward the source of the voice to see a woman dressed in a black tight-fitting dress with a pair of high heels, flaunting her skinny, fair legs. The woman's tall figure and delicate appearance would attract gazes from men wherever she went, but the makeup on her face was slightly too loud. So this is the style that Jasper fancies.
  • Staring at the woman, Talia couldn't help but imagine the intimate moments between Jasper and the woman in bed. A strong, uncomfortable feeling flashed through her mind, but she quickly swept the feelings away, regaining her composure.
  • All the examination departments in the hospital were located on the third floor, so Talia reckoned this woman came back for a checkup after the abortion surgery yesterday.
  • Without staying any longer, Talia went back to her office to change into her white coat, but she still couldn't help thinking of the woman from time to time, so she involuntarily went to the department of gynecology.
  • "Dr. Lennard, the patient earlier who was dressed in a black tight-fitting dress just had her abortion surgery yesterday, right? How's her condition?"
  • After pondering for two seconds, Dr. Lennard replied, "Oh, I think the patient you're referring to is Mandy Lewis. That's right! She just underwent an abortion surgery yesterday and yet is dressed in such a manner today. I bet she's not worried about catching a cold. Well, young people have stronger bodies so I guess it shouldn't be an issue. Dr. Carey, do you know her?"
  • Talia shook her head uncomfortably. "Not really. She's… one of my friends' girlfriend, but we've not met each other."
  • After all these years, Talia still could not define the relationship between Jasper and her, so she thought it was rather ridiculous that she even found it awkward to introduce him as a friend.
  • Just then, Mandy rushed into the office with an examination report in her hand. "Dr. Lennard, the examination report is ready. Please help me take a look at it now."
  • With that, the conversation between Talia and Lennard ended tacitly. Talia placed her hands into her white coat's pockets uncomfortably and couldn't help feeling guilty as she was not an expert in stalking others.
  • Sometimes, she even thought she was sickly in love with Jasper. Why would I want to know Mandy's condition? Is it because I want to ensure the child has already been aborted? If the child remains, does it mean that Jasper will marry her?
  • Talia could not comprehend her own true feelings, and neither did she dare to think about it in detail.
  • Suddenly, Mandy caught sight of Talia, who was standing aside, and she started sizing her up in curiosity. "I feel like… I've seen you somewhere."
  • Staring at Mandy calmly, Talia cudgeled her brain and strongly believed that she had not met Mandy before. Even if they had, they met as doctor and patient.
  • Moments later, Mandy recalled something. "Oh! I think it's at the Mills—"