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Chapter 26 There's No Hope

  • With that, Talia turned and left.
  • When she passed by Cassius, she asked in surprise, "Why are you here?"
  • Cassius lazily looked up at the sky. "Can't I look at the moon?"
  • Talia was already in a bad mood, so although knowing that he had followed her on purpose, she didn't bother chatting with him. "Then, take your time looking. I'm going back."
  • Cassius nonchalantly followed her. "You really don't know how to appreciate kindness. I was just afraid that you'd be in danger. You're my tenant, so if something happened to you, I'd be to blame."
  • Talia retorted angrily, "Now, you're the biggest danger to me. As a landlord, how is it considered normal that you're tracking the whereabouts of your tenants?"
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