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Chapter 25 Deserved to Die

  • After walking for a while, Talia saw a vague figure in the pavilion in front. She calmed herself down, then quickened her pace.
  • Hearing the sounds, Owen approached her. "Tal…"
  • Talia resented his intimate way of calling her, so she retorted, "The name is Talia Carey."
  • Owen looked vaguely similar to his youthful self in the photo, making it rather easy to identify him.
  • Faced with Talia's indifference, Owen seemed a little embarrassed. "Yes… you took your mother's surname. It sounds nice. Speaking of which, we discussed your name together before and decided with Sakura Russell because your mother liked sakuras… Unexpectedly, such a huge change happened in the end."
  • Every time she heard Owen mention the past, Talia felt disgusted. What right did the man in front of her have to be forgiven with just a few confessions? He was the reason everything happened. If he was truly even a little bit remorseful, he wouldn't only come looking for her now.
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