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Chapter 23 She’s in My Hands

  • After wandering around, Talia returned to the small town where she lived with her mother before she turned five years old.
  • Far from the bustling city, the sky was blue, and the air was fresh. It was as if everything was still the same as before.
  • After her mother died, her ashes were buried here. That was her mother's wish when she was alive. This was also the birthplace of both the mother and daughter, and it was also where her mother began to face disappointment.
  • Returning to the starting point meant that she might never see Jasper again, and it also meant that she had to abandon nearly two decades of her past and regard it as an old dream. But, waking up completely from that dream was easier said than done.
  • Fortunately, the house with the yard that she and her mother rented in the past was still there. It had been renovated over the years, but the owner had changed, and the house was currently occupied.
  • As the house was quite large, it could be rented out. She harbored a special affection toward this house, so she managed to get the contact information of the new owner and called to ask about the rental options.
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