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Chapter 2 Have a Crush on Him Like Always

  • Jasper's body stiffened with his countenance looking terrifyingly frigid under the dim light.
  • "You're digging your own grave, Talia!"
  • Of course, Talia knew she was digging her own grave. Back when her mother brought her to seek shelter with the Mills Family, she was turned down coldly the first time she addressed Jasper as an elder brother. At that time, he said, "You disgust me, just like your mother."
  • The moment of passion in the quiet room was replaced by increasing tension. Jasper was seizing Talia's wrist so hard that the latter could feel a sharp pain. Just as she felt like her wrist was going to break, Jasper finally stood up and left after slamming the door close.
  • At once, peace was restored. Talia then lay on the bed like a soulless ragged doll. The physical pain was nothing compared to the pain she was feeling in her heart. For some people, life would never get better as it was doomed from the start. This saying applied to Talia––her starting point was so low that it was like a neverending dark alley, and every step was torture for her.
  • After a long while, she decided to get up and walk into the bathroom to wash away her weariness.
  • Back then, Talia's mother was diagnosed with a terminal disease and had brought her to seek shelter with the Mills Family out of despair because her irresponsible father refused to care for them at all. Having no choice, her mother was reminded of Vincent Mills, her childhood friend, but little did they expect that it would cause the divorce of Jasper's parents toward the end.
  • Jasper was only eight when his mother abandoned him and left and no one had heard from her since.
  • In the following year, Talia's mother passed away due to her illness, but none had expected that what followed was the bad news of the death of Jasper's mother overseas. Toward the end, Jasper did not even get to see his mother before she passed away.
  • Because of that, Jasper held a grudge against Talia and her mother. At the same time, Talia was naturally left to the Mills Family as she became an unattended orphan. Then, 19 years passed like a blink of an eye––up until 3 years ago when Vincent passed away and Jasper decided to go abroad. Even then, it seemed like everything was not brought to an end yet.
  • Talia took out her account book from below the bed and read it carefully while shrinking on the bed. Ever since Jasper went abroad 3 years ago, Talia had started cutting expenses and seizing every opportunity to make money. In the past 3 years, she had recorded all her savings in an account book.
  • She was getting closer to her goal as she only needed another 100 thousand to return all the money the Mills Family had spent to raise her.
  • Besides cash, there was no other way she could repay the Mills Family and Jasper for the other aspects which she owed them. So, she could only do her best and then leave this place to start afresh.
  • She thought this would be a relief for both Jasper and her. At least after this, she could return Jasper his peace of mind by disappearing.
  • The next day, upon being awakened by the alarm, Talia quickly sobered up and got out of bed to wash up and prepare breakfast.
  • All servants in the Mills Residence were dismissed when Jasper went abroad, resulting in her being the only one living in this huge mansion for the past three years. Now that Jasper was back, someone had to prepare meals for him.
  • After some moments of preparation, Talia set the dining table but did not see Jasper come downstairs on time. It was only then she guessed the latter might still be suffering from jet lag as he had just come back from abroad. Looking at the breakfast on the table which was getting cold, Talia picked up the courage to head upstairs and knocked on Jasper's door. "Breakfast is ready on the dining table."
  • However, there was no response from the inside, so she bit the bullet and knocked on the door again. Finally, a response was obtained. "Get lost!"
  • Talia was already immune to Jasper's terrible attitude since long ago. As such, she shrugged and went back to the dining table to eat on her own while planning which part-time job to look for on the weekends––which were her days off from the hospital.
  • Suddenly, she heard some movements coming from the staircase. So, she lifted her eyes only to see Jasper's sulky face––which was obviously a sign of him getting out of bed on the wrong side.
  • From the looks of it, Jasper was preparing to head out as he was dressed in a perfectly-tailored suit with his hair neatly combed. Talia could never get bored of staring at his flawless, impressive facial features, which appeared as if they were perfectly picked to match––even the distance between his brows was appealing to her.
  • Because of Jasper, Talia believed the saying that men were the most handsome when dressed in suits. Even when she had not seen him for 3 years, she still had a crush on him like always.
  • In order to avoid unnecessary conflicts, Talia laid down her cutleries and stood up. "I'm running late for work. Just leave the cutleries and I'll take care of them after work."
  • Just then, she caught a glimpse of Jasper's tie, which was not tucked in properly, so she habitually went forward to help him with it. However, Jasper grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward him all of a sudden. The two were so close that they could feel each other's breath.